Chocolate Wedding Favours

Chococo wedding favoursWith Valentine’s Day coming up I’ve been checking out that luscious subject of chocolate – chocolate hearts, chocolate truffles, artisan chocolate. And chocolate has to be one of my top favourites for wedding favours as well as Valentine’s gifts.

Let’s face it, most wedding favours go home with your guests and just become more clutter, however pretty or clever the idea. Chocolates can be indulged in immediately or taken home for a treat later, but they are never going to be wasted. Continue reading

Christmas Weddings – Great Idea Or Madness?!

Christmas wedding giftWith the  festive season upon us, how many people do you know who are also trying to finalise their wedding plans at the same time  as they juggle trees and turkeys, gift wrap and mistletoe? But is it as crazy as it seems to plan a wedding to coincide with the holiday season?

Perhaps it depends on where in the world you are? Continue reading

DIY Wedding Flowers… Ideas

Wedding flowers brought by guestsWe went to a fabulous wedding on the weekend, that was very much a DIY wedding. The bride and groom concentrated their budget on the essentials of a lovely venue and plenty of booze. When it came to the flowers, they asked each of the guests (nearly 200 with all the children) to bring a flower.

When we arrived at the reception venue before walking on to the ceremony  there were lots of empty vases of all different shapes and sizes waiting on tables. Some were big bowls, others bottles, all completely mismatched, but all appealing.

wedding flowersWe just popped our flowers into a vase that looked right for them and walked on into the forest where the ceremony was to take place. When we returned after the ceremony all the vases were miraculously filled with a glorious assortment of flowers – some picked from gardens, others exotic blooms purchased from the florist.

Somehow with no plan or formal colour scheme they all looked wonderful. More than that they had their own gorgeous energy and personal touch which sometimes formal arrangements lack. They may have been haphazard profusions of colour in some cases but the thought put into selecting each flower and the love brought by each guest made them so much more meaningful.

DIY wedding flowersThis may not work for more formally planned weddings, but if you are thinking of an informal celebration and want to involve your guests slightly more, consider making them the official wedding florists!

Just spell it out in the invitations to make sure they get the message.

Silk Pyjamas Or Nightie?

bride-pyjamas-silk-nightiesilk-nightieAre you a pyjamas girl or do you prefer sleeping in nighties? With so many gorgeous pyjamas around, you don’t have to choose a silk nightie for your wedding night unless you want to, but this pretty antique rose nightie from hush certainly tempts me to forget about pjs, just for one post at least!
It’s simply cut, with just a touch of lace at the neckline and hem, nothing ostentatious, just elegant and sensual. It’s in a lovely matt silk too. The nightie only comes in this one colour but in three sizes and has adjustable straps. It costs £50.00 from hush

Electronic Wedding Invitations – Cool And Green Or Cheapskate And Tacky?


© Poloskei Marianna |

Email wedding invitations have been possible for years but somehow they haven’t really caught on… yet. Perhaps this is because weddings are all about style, lavish display, sensual indulgence and tradition, and getting an e-mail to announce the special day ticks none of those boxes.

However there are plenty of good reasons to go for electronic invitations and many more designers nowadays offering to create splendiferous ones, so we think that the e-invitation will be a niche trend that we will be seeing more of in the future.

Why go electronic?

1. Cost!!! Electronic invitations cost a whole lot less. All you pay for is the design. After that no printing costs, no envelopes, no postage. You can spend all that saved money on something more enjoyable like the food or champagne.

2. It’s green. No paper means no carbon footprint and a greener wedding. If you are creating a statement green wedding, then electronic invitations can be cooler than cool – no trees destroyed for this wedding!

3. It’s quick. If you want to get married soon, like next month, not spending a whole year planning your wedding, then time is of the essence. You want to make sure that all your guests book out that weekend for you, so tell them now. An e-invitation can be designed and sent out in no time. No waiting weeks for design, print and posting of traditional invitations. You’ll get an email RSVP too, so can get your guest list together in a few days rather than a few weeks.

4. Hip, modern, casual. If you want to chuck out formal traditional ideas and create your own hip wedding, then an electronic invitation says it all.

If you’re worried about your friends and family thinking that an e-mail invitation is cheapskate or tacky, make a design feature of it by splashing a tongue in cheek slogan across the bottom of the invitation…

no trees were harmed for this wedding


the money saved by e-mailing these invitations will be lavished on booze and chocolate at our wedding!


Wedding Ceremony Songs

© Ewa Walicka |

Thought about wedding ceremony songs yet? Believe it or not, the bride’s entrance song often gets put on the back burner. Suddenly, it’s the week before the wedding and you’ve still not decided what you’ll walk in to.

You may also want songs to punctuate the different parts of the ceremony. This applies to both traditional church weddings and civil ceremonies. Just because you aren’t getting hitched in a church doesn’t mean you can’t have 1 or 2 wedding ceremony songs. As long as the registrar/officiant is happy, you can tinker with the format a little.

I know one bride who walked up the aisle whilst an opera singer belted out an aria.

If you don’t fancy Wagner’s ‘Here Comes the  Bride’ and Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’ leaves you cold, don’t panic.

There are more musical possibilities than you might think.

Here are some of my favourite wedding ceremony songs:

1. Nature Boy by Nat King Cole
2. Come Away with Me by Norah Jones
3. Wedding March from the Marriage of Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
4. Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky
5. Unforgettable by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole
6. Wedding Processional from The Sound of Music
7. When I’m 64 by The Beatles
8.  What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
9. Magic Moments by Perry Como
10. Let’s Stay Together by Al Green

I’m also a big fan of Scene from Swan Lake. It’s got the grand entrance totally sussed! Don’t worry if the song you have your heart set on is a little long, remember they can be faded out gradually. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it’s easy to just play extracts from your favourite wedding ceremony songs.

The best bet is to go on good old YouTube or iTunes and have some fun checking out a whole range of songs.

Writing Wedding Vows

© Dan Peretz |

Ok, so you’ve found the venue, selected the dress and made a guest list Now it’s time to think about the really important stuff – like writing wedding vows! Unless you’re intending to stick to the tried and tested traditional lines, it can be a tricky business.

I must admit I’m struggling slightly with writing wedding vows!

Trying to encapsulate your feelings for and intentions towards your future hubby in a few lines is no mean feat.

As Carrie Bradshaw would say:

So, I got to thinking…

… do we over-complicate writing wedding vows?

I think the answer to that is a big fat yes. I was tearing my hair out trying to pen the perfect vows. Now, I’m pretty much sorted. There’s one very simple piece of advice I completely forgot to pay attention to:

Just say what you feel.

Sit down with a pen and write whatever comes into your head. The good stuff will be in there, trust me on this one! Walk away from it and come back with a fresh pair of eyes. You’ll soon be able to pick the parts you want to include.

Wedding vows don’t have to be works of creative genius and they don’t have to be perfect.

If you’re really stuck, these tips on writing wedding vows may help:

1. Ask yourself what you love the most about the person you’re about to marry. Make that the focal point of the wording.

2. What does marriage actually mean to you? Is it about trust and loyalty for example?

3. Consult the masters of lurve! William Shakespeare penned a love sonnet or two in his time. Using a couple of lines from a literary genius is totally acceptable.

4. Read what you’ve written out loud at regular intervals. It’s probably the most important tip on writing wedding vows. Obviously you’ll need to memorise the words but you’ll also be able to tell if they feel and sound right when you say them.

Wedding Guests: Keeping Kids Happy

© Richard Armstrong |

A friend of mine recently revealed she was worried about her wedding guests. I automatically assumed it was the adults until she mentioned there would be about 20 children attending. Keeping kids happy on the day is a tricky business. No bride wants to walk up the aisle amidst a torrent of tears!

Telling your adult wedding guests to leave their kids at home is commonly considered to be bad form. How do you keep everyone happy and still have a big day without the drama?

Here’s how to avoid interrupted speeches and tears before bedtime on the dancefloor.

Seat new mothers close to exits
If mothers do need to make a sharp exit to calm a bout of crying or change a nappy, they’ll be able to do so with minimum fuss. No-one wants to wade through a sea of chairs and tables right in the middle of a key moment! A bit of strategic seating planning works wonders all round.

Hire a professional entertainer
Ok, so it is an extra expense but it’s a surefire way of keeping your little wedding guests from grizzling. Clowns, caricaturists, storytellers and face painters are all great distractions and will lessen the likelihood of tears and food fights.

Supply crayons and craft materials
It’s not just toddlers that need to be entertained. Older kids need stimulation too. It’s no wonder children get bored and fractious at weddings. The photos and food can take alot of time. Set up a crafts area with art materials, beads, books and modelling materials. That way, kids can keep brains and fingers busy and make a memento of the day.

Let the games begin!
An ingenious and inexpensive way of keeping smaller wedding guests entertained is to lay on some classic games they know and love. I’m talking Twister, Ping Pong, giant Jenga and my personal favourite – Pictionary.

Wedding Colour Schemes

Having trouble deciding between wedding colour schemes? It’s a tough call to make. I changed my mind 3 times before finally setting on purple and orange. I found the best way was to choose colours that reflected our personalities, the setting and season. Obviously it’s your call. However, before you make a decision, it’s smart to take time out and do a bit of research.

For example, my original purple and yellow combination turned out to be a big no-no. We’re getting married in a theatre and apparently yellow makes your skin look sallow and pale. No thanks!
There are some awesome wedding colour schemes out there that you may not have considered.

Here are some of my favourites:

Green and brown – ideal for the eco-bride! Green and brown may seem like a slightly unusual choice but it works beautifully. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, it’s practically perfect. Apple place markers look amazing and chocolate cupcakes will definitely go down well with guests.

Yellow and silver – a great choice for anyone planning to get hitched during the summer months. Yellow evokes happiness but it is a pretty bold choice. Combine it with silver and you have a perfectly balanced effect. Yellow takes the lead and silver can be worked into invites, table markers and wedding jewellery.

Pink and purple – one of the more dramatic wedding colour schemes, this one will definitely make a statement! I’ve seen it in action and believe me; you will get an awesome set of photos. Purple bridesmaids’ dresses and pink orchids in bridal bouquets both look brilliant. Add white and splashes of green into the mix as secondary shades. This particular colour combination should be used carefully to avoid sensory overload.

Monochrome – black and white is one of the easiest wedding colour schemes to work. It looks elegant and can be worked into every aspect of the day, from invites to cake and decor. Add touches of hot red and pink into the mix as complimentary colours.

Wedding Cars

Thought about wedding transport yet?

Horse-drawn carriages might look romantic but they are slow and if it’s windy your hair will get messed up. Plus, horses don’t exactly follow wedding etiquette.  Brides and poop are not a match made in heaven.

Classic cars and wedding transport go hand-in-hand.  Rolls Royce, Bentley, Daimler, Austin Martin, Jaguar and Mercedes are all traditionally popular choices.

But what if you fancy doing things differently?

If Rollers and Bentleys don’t exactly suit your style, there are plenty of other wedding transport options. Brides and grooms have rocked up to ceremony venues around the world in everything from hot air balloons to tractors and by speedboat.

Weird and wonderful wedding transport isn’t everyone’s idea of bliss. If you want an alternative option but don’t fancy swooping down on your guests in a helicopter, what’s the solution?

Here are some cool wedding car hire ideas I’ve come across so far…

A VW lovebug or camper van makes a brilliant bridal carriage for a laid-back beach wedding. As does a quirky little wedding tuk tuk.

Classic American cars – check out Buicks, Cadillacs, Dodge Chargers, Hot Rods and Ford Mustangs.

A classic Limo is a beautiful thing! They don’t just come in stretch format in white or black. Check out my personal favourite – the 1957 Chevy Limo! It’s a beauty in pale blue and white. They don’t make limos like this anymore.

Wedding car hire is one area in which it’s easy to get carried away. I’m not just talking about budget. You may love the look of a classic car from the 30s but if you’ve got a contemporary wedding dress and are planning a modern wedding, it could look out of place. Keep your personality, theme and style in mind.

A final word about wedding transport – check for hidden costs. Price quotes should definitely include VAT, hire and chauffeur fees.

Oh, and don’t forget the groom! He needs to travel too.

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